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Campus Facilities

Psychology Lab

List of Psychology Test & Apparatuses

Sr. No Category Name Of The test
1. Intelligence test verbal test of intelligence
2. Intelligence test Non verbal Group intelligence test
3. Aptitude test Davis Battery differntial abilities with 7 sub test
4. Aptitude test Teaching Aptitude test Battery
5. Creativity test Passi test of Creativity
6. Creativity test verbal test of Creativity Thinking
7. Creativity test Non. Verbal test of Creativity thinking
8. Creativity test Scientific Creativity Scale
9. Interest Test Multi Phasic Interest Inventory
10. Interest Test Multi factor Interest Questionnaire
11. Growth & Development Rao's Social Maturity Scale
12. Learing Style of Learning & Thinking
13. Personality Indian Adaptation of TAT
14. Personality Indian Adaptation of CAT
15. Motivation Achievement Motivation test
16. Other Related test Indore teaching Assessments Scale

List of Apparatuses for Psycho Practical:

  • Mirror Drawing Apparatus – Digital Timer & Digital Error Counter
  • Human Maze Apparatus – Digital Timer & Digital Error Counter
  • Muller Lyre Apparatus
  • Tachistescope Apparatus
  • Money Drum Apparatus Hand Operated
  • Stop Watch Racer Mechanical
  • Various Human Physiological Charts
  • Habit Interference Board


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