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Campus Facilities

Education Technology Lab

There is a high tech multimedia enabled Educational Technology Lab having the following essantial features:

Day Of the Week No. Of Holiday
Computers 40 Nos.
Monitors 17’’ CM & 15 CM
UPS 40 Nos.
Speakers 5 Pairs
Printers 3 Nos.
CD ROMs 40 Nos.
Scanner 1 Nos.
Fax 1 Nos.
Over Head Projector 1 Nos.
LCD Projector 3 Nos.
Television 1 Nos.
Internet Connection Internet Facility is available by Airtel

We have a proper Public Address System in the lab.

There is access to Internet connection in the lab. We have also developed our own website i.e. www.southpoint.info which comprises all the relevant details for the all concerned.


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